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François-Eric Valentin - Lumière pour le spectacle: Stages d'initiation Eclairagiste de Spectacle et Théâtre

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[Eclairagiste de spectacle]
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Francois-Eric Valentin

Man of Light


Valentin, the Electric Magician

The portrait of a painter whose pictures fade in the early morning...

After a Master of Arts in theater, he became a French language teacher, then an electrician at the Pinder-Jean-Richard circus. But when in 1974 he created his first lighting design for "Military Amant" by Goldoni, staged and directed by Etienne Catallan at the festival of Valréas, François-Eric Valentin understood he had found his vocation, his passion and his light. Since then, he has worked with:


But he is also been involved with:


His latest performances (since November 2007):


IN MAY 2007 FEV creates the "Collectif GIRES" (An independant group of assistants and lignting techniciens for the arts) composed of Frederick Poullain, Mikael Olliveiro and Pierre Daubigny, to allow the sharing of experiences, increased collaboration and a vehicle of reflection for their four parallel careers.


January 2008: A new first for FEV. He participates in the performance of the contemporary painter Michele Katz at the "Maison des Métallos" to create a shining light to dance over the painting "Nobody witnesses the witness," which at the same time relects over the spectators and casts colourful shadows onto the canvas itself.


Convinced that the creativity of light must be achieved with reflection, FEV leads many training courses on the creation of light designed to improve the appreciation of this profession by young assistants and theatre directors. FEV has also written two books recognized by the profession to help reinforce his ideas:

Respectively published by the Library Theatre in 1994 and 1999.


Eager to go further, he recently published with the collective GIRES,

Published in July 2007 (Éditions de la Traverse à Nice) and which presents 36 fondemental questions in an easy to read (although sometimes ironic manner...) on all matters relating to light and the lighting industry, but always with concrete references and examples of the lighting profession which is too recent to be well known.


But FEV has other strings to its bow:

François-Eric Valentin

Lumière pour le spectacle

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